A new week and a new batch of mini news items for you guys to snack on.

– Let’s kick things off with a scene scene clip from Knight of Cups, which has Natalie and Christian Bale enjoying some art and each other. The voice over would be Natalie, if it wasn’t dubbed into German.

– Something that slipped through the cracks is a really nice write up on Natalie’s talk with Darren Aronofsky at TIFF. Some really nice comments about Darren, the roles for women in Israel and Mike Nichols…

“I stole all the things I learned from him, and I remember him everyday,” Portman said.

She recalled that rather than having his actors rehearse scenes over and over again, Nichols would have them partake in “naming moments”.

This practice, Portman said, “has been really instrumental for me and how I look at everything and be like, ‘This is the moment where they fall in love,’ ‘This is the moment where he realises she’s cheating’.

“Just naming it with all the people together makes you all part of telling the same story.”

– Finally, thanks to Miriam for another good find, a video interview about A Tale of Love and Darkness from Cannes.