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Sunday Tidbits

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It’s been an exciting week at Natland, and we’re going to finish it off with a few Tidbits…

-Natalie attended the WE Day 2019 last Thursday. The event will be broadcast on television in August, but here is a brief summary of her speech during the gala.

-As all fans remember, Natalie had a brief relationship with Moby almost twenty years ago. Well … the singer is going to publish an autobiographical book in June in which, among other things, he talks about his relationship with her. New York Post has a review of the book, which details anecdotes about how they met and how, apparently, after break up, they remained friends.

-The week began with the surprise appearance of Natalie at the premiere of End Game, and left us wondering if she would have a cameo in the film. All the fans of Natalie know the answer at this point, but Whoever wants to know all the details, go after the jump:


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WE Day California 2019

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Natalie attended the WE Day Event 2019 today at The Forum in Inglewood, California. She joined other attendees like Mahershala Ali, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Neil Patrick Harris, Queer Eye‘s Karamo Brown, Grammy-winning rapper Chance The Rapper, model Winnie Harlow, YouTube star Lilly Singh, Emilio Estevez and Bill Nye.

The show, sponsored by The Allstate Foundation and Unilever and presenting partners Walgreens and Microsoft, will air August 9 on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

We have several photos (and a couple of videos) from blue carpet and the stage:


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WE Day 2019

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Natalie has been an ambassador for the WE Movement for many years, and her commitment to this organization is widely known. We will have a new sample of it this…

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WE Day video

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  The second WE Day broadcast will air on August 28, and because of this, today they released a WE Pledge Video that features Natalie Portman, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Hudson,…

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  Next week will be plentiful in news (possible submission of Natalie films at Cannes, the appearance in Beijing ...), but this week is been very quiet in Natland. Anyway,…

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We Day Cap

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  Thanks to Kitten we have confirmation that Natalie did participate in We Day via a video feed. If anyone manages to find the video, please drop me a line.…

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