Sunday Tidbits

It’s been an exciting week at Natland, and we’re going to finish it off with a few Tidbits…

-Natalie attended the WE Day 2019 last Thursday. The event will be broadcast on television in August, but here is a brief summary of her speech during the gala.

-As all fans remember, Natalie had a brief relationship with Moby almost twenty years ago. Well … the singer is going to publish an autobiographical book in June in which, among other things, he talks about his relationship with her. New York Post has a review of the book, which details anecdotes about how they met and how, apparently, after break up, they remained friends.

-The week began with the surprise appearance of Natalie at the premiere of End Game, and left us wondering if she would have a cameo in the film. All the fans of Natalie know the answer at this point, but Whoever wants to know all the details, go after the jump:

As we said, Natalie has indeed a brief cameo in “End Game”, but what we see are shoots belonging to a deleted scene from “Thor, The Dark World”. Natalie only recorded a few short phrases to be used when her character is seen in the distance a few minutes before. Entertainment Weekly has the details, and here is the whole deleted scene (excellent, by the way, I wonder why it was not included in the final cut):