Nat gets her veg on

Whew, finally. The Sun must also be having a slow week if this qualifies as news for them.

The Sun even has a story to go with it.

Natalie was trying to keep a low profile when buying radishes at a Farmer’s Market in LA.

But her nice stroll was rudely interrupted by an obese out-of-tune busker, who started yelling at her.

He stopped mid-song to announce: “That’s that girl – it’s that girl from Star Wars. She played Queen Amidala.

“What is her name? What is her name?”

Embarrassed Natalie – whose character pretended to be a handmaiden in The Phantom Menace – quickly grabbed her radishes and fled with her friend.

A fellow shopper said: “No one had noticed Natalie before because she was dressed down and was wearing sunglasses. She was just another pretty shopper.

“But that soon changed when this terrible busker started screaming at her.

“Natalie was buying some radishes at a stall when the busker started shouting at her and she turned the colour of a radish!

“Everyone nearby heard the busker and turned to look at Natalie.

“She quickly paid for her veg and scurried off with her friend.”