More Knights

Looks like it’s going to be a big week for Knight of Cups news, leading up to the (tiny) opening on Friday. It has been a loooong wait to see the film and having seen it last year, it is probably not going to be worth the wait unless you are one of the few in-tune with the very personal and unique presentation that Malick is working with.

– Let’s start with a new video interview from One Big Soul.

– Next up is a new teaser trailer that is really great. The music and the visuals go together beautifully.

– Then we have a couple positive reviews.

The Village Voice calls it sumptuous.

You don’t reason your way through a film like this; you let it wash over you, pull you this way and that.

Or you reject it. Many will run screaming from Knight of Cups, even as some of us are enraptured. At times, Malick almost seems to welcome this polarized response.

While The Playlist offers up a B rating.

Perhaps Malick, at 71, is looking at his life and is somewhat aghast to discover that he can find no pattern, no real shape, just pieces splashed about, and maybe “Knight of Cups” is him trying to gather up in his arms as many of those pieces as he can, to save them from oblivion. But is that really anything as dramatic as damnation, or is that, as the film was for me, just limbo: neither here nor there, neither great nor terrible, just an eternal dance of recollections in which nothing is answered, nothing concludes, and no one grows anything but older and more aware of the impossibility of holding on to all the fragments of time they rented throughout their lives.