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By November 9, 2013Nat-news

The full interview is here and the quality is great. It was cute but…is Jimmy normally this weak with interviews?

Thanks to Cherryvanilla and Kitten.


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  • Bomomvl says:

    I take it back, she’s very mature…..

  • Narkel says:

    I learned more about him and all his personal adventures, which would have been okay if he was the one being interviewed.

  • ion says:

    she seemed more comfortable with him than with other interviewers.

  • Sharhem says:

    I kind of hate the dress… It makes her look super skinny and its too tight in some parts… But anyways, she’s stunning, funny and cute as always ♥

  • achtung_natalie says:

    Dont really watch Fallon, but I thought this interview was alright. He could’ve asked more questions.

  • Nannina says:

    Awww, they cut the “Jenga!” part of the VMA ad, which was the best part.

  • Joe Schmo says:

    I was actually in NYC on Friday and lined up outside to get a standby ticket. Pity the show was taped the previous day (Not surprising given she did the Today show Thursday). Perhaps I should of tried drunk Rockefeller plaza ice skating as well.

    Joe “Close but no cigar” Schmo.