Natalie Visits Jimmy Fallon

By November 8, 2013Featured-news, Nat-news

Natalie’s appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was taped yesterday, and we have a bunch of new photos from her visit to tide you over until it airs tonight. Thanks to JustJared!


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  • Bomomvl says:

    Fallon in love… with the Natmeister!

  • Natness says:

    Marry me.

  • NPyall says:

    Hmmm thought this would be taped today. why would they do it yesterday. and i kinda feel like these pics shouldnt be released till after it airs.

  • AMSSERME says:

    Natalie looks stunning.

    Frankly,I don’t hope to see a serious interview to Natalie from Jimmy Fallon judgeing these photos.It will be another Public Relation interview with funny anecdotes. I like the European reporters,they have the guts to ask the questions that matters,the American reporters seems to feel intimidated by Natalie’s privacy policies that they don’t dare to ask for fear to offend Natalie.Although Natalie it seems is more open to talk to the Foreign press than the American press.

  • e says:

    She looks TERRIBLE!! The dress was ridiculous on her skinny body…If she’s not anorexic, none is!
    She USED to be so pretty…now, she looks like a scarecrow w/a little “fat” squeezed into tube!! Riciculous!!

  • Juan234 says:

    mic check. notice it moved in between commercial breaks.

  • Josh says:

    Natalie seriously has the most beautiful smile!! She’s fantastic.