Natalie gets a Brazilian?

I’m quite chuffed with that title. What I’m referring to, of course, is not the tear inducing quest for smooth genitals but rather the fact that In Touch Weekly are suggesting that Natalie is dating Brazilian actor, Rodrigo Santoro.

Here is the report, by way of Just Jared.

She has been dating Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro for about a month according to InTouchWeekly. According to a source, “They are trying to keep a low profile, but he is a very sweet guy. And to make things more interesting, Ryan Gosling has been in the mix as well. After splitting with Rachel McAdams (again), he’s been “texting her all the time and asking her to hang out,” says a friend.

Rodrigo is probably most famous for this…

Yup, he’s the guy that played Xerxes in 300, which does tie in nicely with our own 300 parody The 64. He also had a small role in Lost where he was last seen sucking sand.

Fear not ladies, he looks considerably better without the nipple rings.

So, dare I ask what we think about this?