Natalie gets a Brazilian?

By February 24, 2009Nat-news

I’m quite chuffed with that title. What I’m referring to, of course, is not the tear inducing quest for smooth genitals but rather the fact that In Touch Weekly are suggesting that Natalie is dating Brazilian actor, Rodrigo Santoro.

Here is the report, by way of Just Jared.

She has been dating Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro for about a month according to InTouchWeekly. According to a source, “They are trying to keep a low profile, but he is a very sweet guy. And to make things more interesting, Ryan Gosling has been in the mix as well. After splitting with Rachel McAdams (again), he’s been “texting her all the time and asking her to hang out,” says a friend.

Rodrigo is probably most famous for this…

Yup, he’s the guy that played Xerxes in 300, which does tie in nicely with our own 300 parody The 64. He also had a small role in Lost where he was last seen sucking sand.

Fear not ladies, he looks considerably better without the nipple rings.

So, dare I ask what we think about this?


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  • Avika says:

    That would be great. They’re both pretty. Anyway, Rodrigo was also in famous Chanel adversiment with Nicole Kidman.

  • omgzrachel says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised. He reminds me a bit of Gael from certain angles.

  • rkamidees says:


    she should just stop dating people and start having kids.

  • AVIRG says:

    He fits the profile of guys she dated before. Natalie definitely has a certain type that she goes for. Gosling should give up he has no shot.

  • Mockingbird says:

    Who isn’t Natalie dating at the moment?

  • omgzrachel says:

    Seriously, rkamidees? Wow…

  • rkamidees says:

    tick tock tick toc…

  • rkamidees says:

    was he the dude in Love Actually?

  • nataport says:

    Ohhhh… Rodrigo Santoro. He was also “Karl” in “Love Actually” (Laura Linney’s love interest in the film). If this were to be true, I can happily say I approve, Nat! 🙂

  • clone says:

    It’s all just paperazies fantasy story again just to get some natalie attention. if he was her man, he would have been with her at the oscars, but wasnt, and she would have told the press.

  • viona says:

    bhuahahaha okay, I kinda like him in 300. He’s gorgeous.
    next we can hear other names link to her.
    We might read “according to the source”, “tell one friend”, “close to each other”, bla bla bla…

  • Garcy says:

    Rodrigo makes me think sinful thoughts.

  • omgzrachel says:

    Clone, when does Natalie ever tell the press anything about her personal life? Did you miss this key sentence: “They are trying to keep a low profile”? Whether Rodrigo is her new man or not, this can apply to pretty much any of Natalie’s relationships. I don’t think she ever confirmed her relationship with Devendra to the press and they were together for months.

  • nimbuschick says:

    I adored him in Love, Actually. He’s cute, and if he’s really a sweet guy then that’s great for her!

  • huc says:

    Must be all the bling blings. =P

  • JediJen says:

    Ehhh. It seems that she’s beginning to jump around a lot.

  • Jenski says:

    She’s not jumping around. She’s only rumored to be into three different guys. Which is just stupid, if you think about it.

    I’ll take Santoro over Gosling. Yeah, okay, I was happy when his character died on Lost and he freaked me out in 300. BUT. He is hot. Super duper hot. And probably doesn’t have the legion of psychotic fangirls that Gosling does.

  • omgzrachel says:

    Thank you, Jenski. Do people really believe everything they read? Unless they’re photographed holding hands or making out or Natalie’s jumping on a coach on Oprah professing her love, take it with a grain of salt!

  • jesslv74 says:

    Wow…he looks nothing like he did in 300. Amazing! I had no idea what he looked like in “real life.”

  • Yegor Fondar says:

    I certainly understand that Natalie very much wishes to find love in the life, present, sincere and for ever, but not she should search! It needs to be found and many are engaged in this purpose, but only that who truly loves its all conscious life will achieve it and it will be worthy, only that who is ready to give a life for its happiness. For now she has the right to have a good time and wait for that, unique!

    Yours faithfully Ygor Fondar (Russia, Moscow).

  • ryanpace says:

    She’s Not Ready for Love Yet. He doesn’t seem right for her.

  • Amyh718 says:

    He looks a lot like Gael Garcia Bernal…