Natalie’s next feature (not counting NYILY) will be Brothers and Jeff Wells has listed the film and the director, Jim Sheridan, in his 2009 Oscar balloon. Yes, he’s already looking ahead to next Oscar season, even if right now its a total guess. Nevertheless, its nice that the film is at least a blip on the radar.

Over on IMDB there is a new thread from someone who claims to have recently seen an advanced screening. So far they’ve had this to say:

I honestly thought it was amazing performance from everyone. I cried.. Tobey Magguire, (sp?) had a really strong role especially. They had a q&a after, my boyfriend and I stayed to participate and everyone gave input. I knew nothing about it when I went, but despite it being what I felt was a little bit of a cliche storyline, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great movies seem harder and harder to come by these days.

Certainly sounds promising.