Russells Brand of humour

Brit comedian, Russell Brand, is best known to American audiences as the rock star from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and best known to British audiences for answering machine messages. Well, in this interview with Salon, Natalie gets a surprise mention:

So you are going to play yourself? That would be a mindf**k.

Howard Stern played himself in “Private Parts.” But I’m not going to do it now. I’d like someone else to play me. Natalie Portman! In a little beard.

That’s a really horrible image…. Natalie Portman with a beard, on crack?

Not necessarily on crack.

You’d whitewash that?

Well, that can be in the film. But we’d say, “Natalie, just pretend you’re on crack.” When she was making “Leon” [“The Professional”] as a little kid, she didn’t kill those people. Oh, she did? I’d let her off. How could you stay mad at Natalie Portman, in that little beard?