Lainey isn’t a fan

Of Natalie’s work out clothes from earlier this week. She also has a dig at the Sean Penn rumour from earlier this week.

I didn’t always think this way. I just put on whatever. I mean it’s the gym. It’s not a fashion show. And this is still true. But at the same time, a flattering pair of running pants or a tank can certainly motivate, get you working harder, and well, I don’t know what’s going on with Natalie Portman in these photos.

The body is so cute. The pants…

The pants are balls. And what …are those socks?

Also, Natalie doesn’t wear a thong to the gym.

Actually, this is cool. Can’t imagine lunging in a thong. Giv’er with the underwear lines then. But to bring it back full circle… if she had proper workout clothes, undies are already built in, see?

We’ll see if you agree or disagree when I put up the new poll later today.