Merch Monday

Time for your favourite *cough* feature of the site – Merchandise Monday. Last week was the first week that there was decent activity and its HUGELY appreciated. Those who have helped, thanks for keeping us in mind and supporting the site.

Above is Slumdog Millionaire, which is now hitting DVD and Blu Ray even though its still doing very well in the box office. It is, of course, the Best Film winner at this years Oscars and is simply one of the most crowd pleasing films in years.

The other film up there requires a bit more of an explanation. Its a Spanish film about time traveling that was a really great surprise last year when I saw it. If I had a buck for every time traveling film that throws its theory out the window half way through…well I probably wouldn’t have to be doing these updates. But Timecrimes sticks to its guns from the first frame until the last. It’s darkly funny, thrilling and damn smart.

So those are my recommendations for this week. If you have no faith in me (*sob*), then remember that you can use those links and simply navigate to any section on Amazon. Books, games, mp3’s…all orders made after entering the site from one of our links will count to our referral fee.

If you’d rather help out the site more directly, you’re certainly welcome to do so via paypal.

Thanks guys and gals.