People see Brothers, Dazza gets jealous

“Later” as in “later this week”, not “later today” 😉

Okay, so here is that promised Brothers update. We’re still all in the dark as to when this Jim Sheridan directed film will be released. I guess counter programming for summer would be smart for the box office but since we haven’t even seen any publicity shots yet, that seems unlikely. My guess would be sometime in the fall, as I don’t think they’d want to be too close to the end of year deluge of prestige films.

Thus far, all we’ve got to be excited about are the reports from screenings of the film, which have been largely very positive towards the film and the 3 central performances.

Well we’ve got a couple more of those opinions after the jump.

First was this IMDB board post by Jobolee.

Watched a screening at the end of summer and am surprised it is not out by now (somehow thought of it while reading an article). Was a GREAT movie, and am expecting at least some oscar nominations for any of the three main characters (portman, gylenhaal, maguire). The raw emotion that is displayed was intense, and to be honest I wasn’t sure Tobey Maguire had it in him to do such a serious movie, but he proved me wrong. Props to him and the movie overall.

And then when asked specifically about Portman, he said:

I am also a big fan of Portman, but to be honest I can’t remember her acting that well (Since it was so long ago). Maguire’s acting was probably the best out of the 3.

Then we have Jasonhill770 who claims to have worked with Natalie on the film:

I can’t give too much away, but I was fortunate enough to film a dramatic scene with Natalie Portman on this film. She is an amazing actress, her performance is fantastic, and the fact that it was fantastic on numerous takes was even more amazing. I think you will be pleased with this film!

Finally, last week I spoke to someone that had a small role in the film, and he said that Jim Sheridan and Jake Gyllenhaal didn’t seem to have the best on set relationship. I asked how Natalie was on set and this is what he said:

Regarding your question about drama and Natalie, how could anyone have a problem with her? She’s even more charming in person than on screen. In the final scenes with Natalie and Tobey, Jim was very focused on what he wanted but in a fatherly way. When he talked to Natalie directly you could tell they understood one another. She was very practiced in all the scenes I was a part of. Natalie was friendly but not approachable. A necessary skill when you’re a movie star 🙂 At times we were able to make small talk between scenes which was cool, but the scenes they were shooting were serious and somber.

Man, this film can’t get here soon enough.