Hesher casting rumours

Remember Hesher?

Well, Harper has found a Twat Tweet from Production Weekly about the project.

Natalie Portman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Rainn Wilson in talks to star in the Spencer Susser indie comedy “Hesher”

JoBlo has also picked up on it, with this report.

Lithe brunette tease Natalie Portman, “Office” drone Rainn Wilson and current elite military unit nemesis Joseph Gordon-Levitt are currently in talks to join the Spencer Susser indie comedy HESHER. The film is an eccentric comedy in the Wes Anderson vein.

I prefer my Wes Anderson-esque comedies to actually be made by Wes Anderson, but I am a huge Joseph Gordon-Levitt fan. The Rainn casting would be interesting…I presume he would be in the role that was previously linked to John C Reilly. Hopefully it’d be more like his turn in Six Feet Under, rather than an over the top performance like he gave in The Rocker.