Veggie lover gets to speak to Nat

The Heeb’n’vegan blogger was able to get into Natalie’s Soho Apple store appearance for MakingOf. He was able to ask a question and, considering the topic of his blog, he attempted to get some quotes about Kosher Vegetarian, the Mira Nair directed short for “New York, I Love You.”

But she bobbed where he expected her to weave.

I try not to mix my beliefs too much with my filmmaking. … I went to see [Closer director] Mike Nichols speak the other night when he was at MoMA, and he was actually saying … the biggest job of the actor is to make a case for their character–that you have to defend your character no matter what. So if you’re playing a serial killer, you have to believe in that completely. … That’s your biggest job. … You’re obviously playing people with all different belief systems that are very different from your own.