Natalie Heads To The Old West

You can never say that Natalie doesn’t try a lot of different types of films, and it sounds like we’ve got another first coming up – a western. The Hollywood Reporter is, errr, reporting that Natalie will be starring in Lynne Ramsay’s, Jane Got A Gun, and the project is looking for investment in Cannes and LA right now.

Jane Got a Gun centers on a woman whose outlaw husband returns home barely alive and riddled with bullet wounds. She is forced to reach out to an ex-lover and ask if he will help defend her farm when her husband’s gang eventually tracks him down to finish the job.

The script landed on The Black List, which was the list of the best unproduced scripts knocking about Hollywood, which sounds great until you remember that No Strings Attached also made the list one year.

Lynne Ramsay is a very respected director, but I’ve got no real opinion on her yet. Her last film was We Need To Talk About Kevin, which I found both impressive and frustrating. I’ve been meaning to watch her first feature film, Ratcatcher, for awhile now, but never got around to it. I need to correct that right now!

What do you guys think?