Nat makes another Funny or Die appearance

By May 6, 2009Nat-news

Not only is this just as cute as the fake PSA’s that she did previously. Not only is it at least twice as funny as those ads. But, best of all, the name of Natalie’s dog is finally public knowledge.

Back on Christmas we did a podcast in which we revealed his name but said that we’d keep it off the site until it was known to everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Whiz…


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  • Garcy says:

    Whiz wins at life.

  • Dazza says:

    Seriously. Anyone who thought he wasn’t as cute as Charlie will surely be eating those words now. That was some scene stealing right there.

  • Kitten says:

    He is cute, but Charlie was just adorable, glad the name is public knowledge though maybe they can call him by his name now on Gossip Girls etc LOL, but yeah he was so cute in this

    On a side note, it wont let me sign into the forum, anyone else having bother?

  • spoonbat says:

    Dead link.

  • Dazza says:

    Kitten, mail me the details of your problem.

    Spoon, what link is dead?

  • huc says:

    wonder who trained Whiz to act.

  • sergej says:

    this is so funny!!! i couln´t stop laughing.
    amazing questions. 😀

    i have the same problem like kitten.
    i can´t log in in the forum.

  • Dazza says:

    Anyone having problems logging in, mail me with all the details you can think of.

  • omgzrachel says:

    Aww, Whiz totally stole the show.

    Way better than her previous FOD stuff.

  • jesslv74 says:

    Whiz is adorable! I LOVE Yorkies! I think both he and Charile are/were cute in their own ways. I’m just happy to finally know his name! Remember how much I kept asking if anyone knew what it was? Probably not. Yeah. Now we need to know HOW he got his name!

    Anyway…interview was hilarious and Nat looked very cute. Thanks for posting! 🙂

  • Ezra_Pound says:

    Look at those gams!

  • teatray says:

    so cuuuuute!!!!!

  • ANDREW.Y says:

    Haha, thats hilarious. Wonder why Natalie did it though?

  • biffyrules says:

    Whiz should be a dog actor.
    that was hilarious!