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By November 16, 2014Nat-news

Thor 3: Ragnarok news is bubbling, with the rumours suggesting a very epic, brutal and game changing film. Underscoring that are some leaks from the crew, in the form of Tom Hiddleston and writer of the film, Christopher Yost.

Let’s start with his tweet.

Then we have Hiddleston talking about the mythology of the character from last year, and it definitely seems to tie into Ragnarok being a huge moment in the Marvel universe.

I’m far from being a Thor superfan, but this sounds quite promising indeed. It appeals to be dark dark soul.


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  • Nina says:

    Let’s hope Jane doesn’t die although Natalie probably wishes she does.

    • Lee Bartholomew says:

      considering how often Natalie dies at the end of her movies. Would be like watching her have a crying scene in the movie. Hey maybe some dark soul invades her and she turns bad. Either that or the only way she becomes a God is to die. X_X Someone needs to bring the original director back though. Thor 2 was sorely lacking

  • Ashley says:

    I hope Jane Foster married Thor or she doesn’t died because Jodey Delace and I love Natalie Portman we want to meet her get autograph and I want to invite Natalie Portman to my birthday my friend like sisters and I want to meet Natalie Portman I don’t want Jane Foster to died because Thor is in love with her Jane Foster was wonderful girlfriend to Thor my friend like sisters and I want to work with Natalie Portman in Thor 3 or Darcy and Ian married

  • Adonis says:

    I’m also not a big fan of Thor, but for Natalie I will sit in the front row. Who knows, maybe I will then nevertheless still a Thor fan 😉

  • Valery says:

    Natalie is gonna be the only reason I’d bear Thor movie.