Thor 3

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  Thor 3: Ragnarok news is bubbling, with the rumours suggesting a very epic, brutal and game changing film. Underscoring that are some leaks from the crew, in the form…

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  Impatient Natalie fans of the world, try and remember that no news is good news. And mini news is the greatest news of all. Here is a new assortment…

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Loki Interview Preview

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  Kitten just found a preview of Natalie's Elle interview, conducted by Tom Hiddleston, and I was really impressed by these two answers in particular. You can read the rest…

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More Elle

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  The Elle site (click the link below) has a tease of the upcoming magazine appearance. They reveal that the Tom Hiddleston interview of Natalie, which we mentioned a week…

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Loki And Jane

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  Actors interviewing actors can be a lot of fun, like when Natalie was interviewed by Hugo Weaving (and vice versa) for V For Vendetta, or when she was joined…

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Gallery Updates

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  I've updated the gallery with a new photo of Natalie posing with her Thor: The Dark World costars, Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hiddleston, for People's Photo Booth at the…

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Thor At Comic Con

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  Marvel's panel at Comic Con was last night and, as we warned, Natalie was not in attendance. It kicked off with a section on Thor: The Dark World. Tom…

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Loki Talks Thor 2

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Tom Hiddleston, who played Loki, let a few Thor 2 tidbits spill when discussing the first film's Blu-ray release with MTV. The key points were... - He expects to film…

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