More From White House Dinner

Before we get to the news item, eagle eyed Cingun noticed that Natalie’s dress from the event is, if not the same dress, almost identical to the one worn by Natalie’s MOM at the 2005 Oscar ceremony.

Moving along, Politico has an article about last nights event as well as a small new pic of Natalie. Below are the Natalie excerpts…

Natalie Portman is standing off to the side at the People/Time magazine pre-party on Saturday, looking diminutive and beautiful, but going somewhat unnoticed. She seems excited about her table for dinner that night. “My table is pretty good,” she says, “It’s Geithner, Gates and Valerie Jarrett. I’m looking forward to that.”

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke are practically falling over themselves while talking to Natalie Portman.