And More Hesher

By May 20, 2009Nat-news

Lainey has some new pics from Hesher up. I’m not too sure what day they were taken on so I’ll let Rachel try and work that one out. Few of those pics remind me of Garden State a little.


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  • Mac81 says:

    Yeah, she looks a little like Sam. This was also my first thought.

  • clone says:

    this isnt the first time she gets herself wet in a film.

  • frodo97 says:

    She looks adorable in these pictures! But she looks like a kid. Natalie is 28 this year so she’d better start trying for more mature roles before she gets typecast. Keira has had some really great roles these past few years. I’d like to see Nat in something like The Duchess or Atonement.