New Poll + Geeky Nat Results

By May 21, 2009Site-news

Before we get to those results, let’s see how many people are open minded about that possible Snow White project.

The Kung Fu Snow White Poll

As for those results, the biggest voting block didn’t think Nat’s Hesher character is likely to stir the nether regions (although did you see those pics today?) but are still interested in the character.

What do you think of Natalie’s geeky look for Hesher?

Not very attractive but should make for a fun character 40.43% (93 votes)

Love it 39.13% (90 votes)

Could go either way 10.87% (25 votes)

Hate it 4.78% (11 votes)

Cute but I’m not so sure I want to see her playing a geek 4.35% (10 votes)


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