Rate Garden State + Snow White Results

We haven’t done one of these for awhile but its now time to continue rating Natalie’s films. I then work out an average and include it (alongside ratings from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes) on that films filmography page. Last time we did Cold Mountain so today its the turn of Sam and Large.

Rate Garden State

After the jump we have the results of the Snow White rumour poll. They’re pretty even although I definitely expected more to be in the negative camp. As it stands, most will need a bit more info before jumping off the fence.

How are you feeling about the new Snow White rumour?

I’m open minded 33.96% (54 votes)

I’m staying on the fence till I hear more 23.27% (37 votes)

I struggle to imagine it being any good 21.38% (34 votes)

I’m excited about the idea and the director 11.32% (18 votes)

I’m completely against it 7.55% (12 votes)