Incipit PORTMANIA Secundus

I hope that means what i think that means.

Interrupting important Nat news from around the world…

it’s the never fun, always disappointing PORTMANIA XI. DAY 2.

Rachel’s Pic for the day:


we’ll get straight to the interesting things first.

two wallpapers today

first anqxxx sends in this wallpaper:

this is a parody of the famous painting The Scream by Edvard Munch. See? PORTMANIA is Educational!!!

and next up this wallpaper from THE SILVER SURFER!!

Silver Surfer, as most of you know, is the herald of the cosmic entity GALACTUS.


well it’s time for a Natalie Portman FACT! (Warning: Natalie FACTS may cause gum disease, tooth decay and gingivitis)

Natalie FACT! Natalie once slept for three days straight and dreamed of horses that could talk! and she would BATHE THEM.

DreamMoods.Com has this to say about it:

To dream that you are bathing a horse, represents a renewal of strength and vigor. You are experiencing a burst of energy in some aspect of your life.

what does that mean?!? it means i have absolutely nothing to write about!

yes. i made that up about natalie dreaming of a bathing horse who could talk. but it’s still interesting, yes? ah well.

That’s it for today. This PORTMANIA is shaping up to be ONE OF THE WORST!!! and it’s not over! TOMORROW will be more of the same. PLUS! Dancing! Singing! Eating! Cooking! Whistling! Punching! Gargling! IT’S PORTMANIA FEST!

Explicit PORTMANIA Secundus