My Poll Idea

At the conclusion of the pic battle, I mentioned that I had a silly idea for something to fill the void until we can do the next pic battle. Unfortunately (for us at least), Kris is busy building a house for his new family. So he doesn’t have time for anything but the most urgent matters. I think he’s moving in pretty soon and as soon as he’s settled down on his nice new couch, I’m gonna dump a ton of stuff on his lap.

But I thought I could at least mention my idea in the mean time.

As I said, this is incredibly lame…
So, the idea is born out of us fans being frustrated at certain projects. I’m a firm believer in synopsis’ being almost meaningless with regards to the quality of the final product…but I seem to be in the minority on that.

So I figured, why don’t people just create their own synopsis for an “upcoming” Natalie film.

Basically, once a week I’ll put up half a dozen or so sentences, describing a made up film. Each one different in setting and tone. You guys would then vote on the direction you like and once the results are in, that line gets added to the overall synopsis.

I think its a ridiculous idea, but I am quite curious what kind of film the majority of her fans want to see her in.

Once its complete we can send it out to agents and share in the profits when it gets snapped up for millions 😛

What say you?