Mechandise Monday

I’m expecting the next np.comic later this week and thank goodness for that because Natalie has turned invisible these past couple weeks. Soon after that strip is posted, we’ll be doing the draw for the next fan np.comic.

In this past week Bryan put his name into the hat twice and Martina put her name in six times! This isn’t the first time that Bryan has donated but it is the first time that I say to him, “Bryan, I love you”. Whereas Martina’s donation was so impressive that I briefly considered scrapping this whole Natalie Portman business and turning the site into a shrine about Martina.

If you want to get your name in on the action, a simple $5 donation will do the trick.

Another way to help the site is by making a purchase of any amazon item you want via the link below.

Thanks for the support, guys.