Semi Finals 1

By June 15, 2009Site-news

Ok, here we go. Just 4 appearances left in the Red Carpet Pic Battle. Take a close look at each gallery to be really sure of your choice.

Semi Final 1


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  • Kate923 says:

    Go Purple!! Er, uh…Go Cannes!!

  • Dazza says:

    Cannes is my fav. It’s odd, I wasn’t so taken with it at first but it has wormed its way into my heart.

  • Carlotto says:

    Nooo, vote Los Angeles!!

  • pumpkin405 says:

    Hm. I might as well stop voting now. Two of the appearances are okay in my book, the other two are shrug-worthy at best. :/

    Voted for the Closer premiere this time, even though her dress is too short.

  • jesslv74 says:

    Dazza, the same thing happened to me. Nat went through that phase during which she wore all of those frilly, fluttery dresses and I thought they were awful. I vowed not to vote for any of them. As this “battle” has gone one, the Cannes look has really grown on me…the hair and makeup I’ve ALWAYS liked, but now oddly the dress as well. It COULD also be that it’s paired with the L.A. dress (which I’ve always liked and voted for many times), the L.A. dress appears frumpy and kinda hangs on her, like it’s a bit too big. I still like it very much, but I think she needs more weight or something to better pull it off. And the hair is kinda messy. She just looks more put together in the Cannes look. VERY hard choice.

  • jesslv74 says:

    pumpkin…how can the Closer dress be too short? If it were any longer she’d trip on it.

  • Agent Provocateur says:

    Cannes is my favorite. Much like others, I didn’t care much for it at first, but I have definitely warmed to it as this competition has gone on. I always liked the hair and make-up. I don’t like the LA look at all. It’s ill fitting and not flattering to her at all in my opinion…and her hair just looks sort of thrown together.

  • omgzrachel says:

    I think I’m in the minority of liking the Cannes dress and hating her hair and heavy makeup. I’m pretty much the opposite on the Closer premiere. Great hair (well, weave) and makeup, but frumptastic, ill-fitting dress.