McBride On Highness

Sorry, guys, still feel like death. But I’ll try and be a bit more active than I was yesterday.

In this nice interview, primarily about Eastbound and Down, Danny McBride mentions that he was surprised to get the funding for Your Highness. Not entirely surprising when you consider he’s very much a cult figure, the film will be R rated and will likely be very expensive to make.

You’re in Belfast now. What are you working on?

We’re getting ready to shoot this super-fucked-up movie. It’s called Your Highness; David [Gordon] Green is directing; and I’m in it with James Franco and Natalie Portman. Basically, it’s a takeoff on all those fantasy movies from the eighties—a big, epic comedy, with, like, Minotaurs and shit. I wrote it with Ben Best, and man, my mind is blown on a daily basis by the fact that people gave us the money to shoot this thing.