Your Highness Synopsis

Someone involved in the production has posted a more detailed synopsis than what we’ve had to chew on previously. Before we get to that, here’s a nice positive comment about the project.

As for the script i literally could not stop laughing. These guys (McBride – Best) Really have made something special here. I was speaking to David Yesterday and he was really excited about shooting the movie. The sets are amazing!!

Here comes the synopsis. Let the head shaking commence.

“Danny McBride And James Franco star as brothers Prince Thadeous and Prince Fabious. Thadeous is a slacker who would rather get High and sleep all day where as his brother, Fabious, Is the hero of the kingdom conquering all quest that are sent upon him. After returning from a quest and greeting by the whole Kindgom and village, Fabious plans to marry Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel), A girl whom he has saved from this quest… until the evil wizard leezar returns for revenge on Fabious. After kidnapping Belladonna the brothers Thadeous and Fabious must go on a dangerous yet hilirious quest which leads them to noble warrior Natailie portman.

Portmans, Francos and McBrides roles are the centre of it all.

Here’s hoping we get more set photos than we did when The Other Boleyn Girl filmed in that part of the world.