Rate Closer + Thor Results

Time for the next film to get the fan rating treatment. This time we have the Oscar nominated Closer up for the vote.

Rate Closer

As for the Thor poll, the two positive options and the on the fence option were almost in a dead heat, although a quarter of Nat fans are definitely expecting the worst.

How do you feel about Natalie being cast in Marvel’s upcoming Thor?

I’m over the moon. Can’t wait. 25.47% (68 votes)

I’ll remain on the fence till we get a trailer. 25.09% (67 votes)

I’m a little worried that it might be a dud, but am definitely happy. 23.6% (63 votes)

It could be a pleasant surprise, but I’m very concerned. 17.6% (47 votes)

I am utterly dismayed. 6.74% (18 votes)