To start with, I just heard from Matt that the new np.comic (FAN EDITION!!!) will be ready within days. I’ll speak a bit more about the winner and the strip itself when it goes up.

We finally have some names in the hat for the next fan comic draw, only its the same name four times. A HUGE thank you to Martin, the only guy to drop us a donation in two weeks. Please throw us a few more bones :-/

On DVD next week is the second season of Flight Of The Conchords, which I’ll take about after the jump.

Flight Of The Conchords is an HBO comedy show about two musicians from New Zealand, who try and make it in New York City…but fail dismally.

Its honestly one of the funniest shows on television with their band manager, Murray, 16 carat comedic gold. The humour is beautifully dry and awkward but hard to explain so here is a clip featuring some dialogue and another showing off one of the musical numbers the litter each episode.

You’re a legend, Dave. Hah.

Of course, if your response to that is “what the bloody hell?”, you can click on the Amazon links above and navigate to whatever the hell you want and the order will still count as a referral. Amazing!

Thanks, guys.

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