The Accident

Natalia Shmarenkova is Miss Ukraine and also Miss World 2008. She seems to think that a Hollywood career is beckoning and that she’s buddies with Natalie, who will also star with her in the film The Accident.

About her part in the coming Hollywood film, “The Accident,” to be produced by Klaus Menzel, she says little but with evident pride. According to the plot, she said, she is a friend of Natalie Portman, the famous American actress known for her parts in “Leon,” “Star Wars” and “Closer,” among others. “I will be a singer of Eastern European origin and Portman will be a friend of mine who will live at my place taking singing classes. In one of the scenes, she’ll be reciting rap and I will be singing a classical song.” Talks are in progress with Michael Douglas and Antonio Banderas to be also cast in this drama, according to Kamaliya. Her movie debut was in the “Merry Widow”, a comedy expected to hit the big screen this year.

Firstly, does this look like its going to hit the big screen later this year?

Secondly, this article is from the Kyiv Post. Natalia is MARRIED to the publisher of the Kyiv Post.

Thirdly, my source has never heard of this project.