Black Swan Script Review

Garcy found a script review of Black Swan, Natalie’s upcoming Darren Aronofsky ballet thriller, but apparently it deals out some major spoilers. If you don’t want the experience of watching the film ruined, best steer well clear.

Here is an excerpt from the review that summarizes things and is only lightly spoilerific.

As a screenplay, I thought Black Swan was good. It definitely could’ve moved faster and I would’ve preferred we get some answers sooner instead of being strung along with weird unexplained moment after weird unexplained moment. After awhile that just gets exhausting. But the feel of the story is just so original. It’s not quite like anything I’ve read or seen before. If you like your scripts dark and moody, check out Black Swan for sure.

Aaaaah, can’t wait. Aronofsky is superb at getting under the skin of characters and making us feel their anguish. I want my ass thoroughly kicked by this film.