TIFF Links

Man, I’m just faced with a million links, so I’m going to try and pick out the most interesting ones for a bumper tidbits update.

Interview that touches on Roos and Kudrow being so tight:

Asked if she felt like an outsider at first, Portman answered, “They were very friendly, it’s not like they cut me out, like I was the new kid at school.”

“Oh, we made fun of her a lot, but behind her back,” Roos joked. “We’d watch her dailies and roar.”

– The NY Times isn’t too enamored with the film:

Mr. Roos overworks his material into a sudsy pulp. Most of the characters might be in need of therapy, but Mr. Roos’s screenplay has already been therapeuticized, with every angle, emotion, feeling spelled out.

– Really nice short interview with Natalie on the red carpet, just use the link on the right.
– A couple vids from youtube. In the first, Nat is given a jacket and its a really cute and funny moment. Especially her last comment.

The second clip just has Nat signing autographs.

That’s all for now. Got a lot more but they’ll have to wait till tomorrow…assuming my internet plays ball.