Your Highness Script

A big thanks to Cingun who found the script for Your Highness. It appears to be the first draft, from February 2008, which means that a lot might have changed for the shooting draft.

Being a comedy, I’m not as worried about spoilers. That said, I’ve decided not to read all of it, just in case. I read the first few pages and the scrolled like a mofo looking for Natalie’s appearance.

I’m going to include a few minor details about this after the jump, so if you want to remain 100% pure, stop reading now.

Natalie shows up just before the half way point in the script. Her character is at first a mysterious hooded character, whose first actions are of the ass kicking variety. If you’ve ever had the desire to see Natalie kicking ass, Your Highness should deliver on that count.

After awhile her hood is removed, revealing “long hair and a beautiful face”. From that point on, she is known as Isabel.

There was one other thing I had to know. Lodovico and I argued about the possibility of whether Natalie’s character would kiss the lazy prince character of Danny McBride.

If you don’t want to know, again, stop reading.

They kiss. But I’m sure that will only be a surprise to one person. Sorry, Lod 😛