New LA Times Interview

The LA Times have a really nice new interview with Natalie. The full thing is here and below are a few key excerpts.

“I made ‘Heat’ when I was 14 and played a girl who died,” she continues. “A year later, I got into a fight with my mother and cut myself. I had never done it before and I never did it after that, but I think having my wrists bloody in a movie definitely affected my psyche.”

She recently switched from vegetarianism to veganism after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s upcoming nonfiction work, “Eating Animals,” and she’s planning on becoming more vocal on the subject of animal rights.

“There are certain things you can have different opinions on, but then other things, like torturing animals, [are] just wrong,” she says. She’s discussing how to raise international awareness for the importance of girls’ education with FINCA, a nonprofit microfinance organization for which she has volunteered for six years.