A really good batch of mini updates for you guys today. Thanks (as always) to Spoonbat.

– I’m a huge Buffy/Whedon nerd, so it gives me great pleasure to share a Natalie mention in a new article about the ongoing Buffy comic series.

When asked about characters that were hardest to draw, Chen shared an interesting tidbit about Fray. As she likes to keep her cover realistic, she asked original “Fray” artist Karl Moline which actresses he thought she most looked like. Moline went with Elizabeth Taylor and Natalie Portman.

– A brief Natalie mention in this Jacinda Barret quote about working on NYILY.

After spending all night on a cold rooftop in Brooklyn, filming my final scene [in director Natalie Portman’s segment of the film], I ate a very late breakfast at Bubby’s in Tribeca. Watching the other patrons—individuals and couples—made me reflect on the common New York feelings of detachment and inclusion.

– An interview with a marathon runner leads to the question, who would play her in a film about herself?

I wish I could say it would be someone like Charlize Theron, but I’m too hobbit-sized for that, and unfortunately have been training too hard to be right for Simon Pegg of Run Fatboy Run. Probably Natalie Portman; [she’s] small, hard-working and intense. She’d have to go blond, though, of course.