New Poll + NYILY Results

If yesterdays news, about Jude Law and Robert De Niro joining Thor, is true, will that make any difference to your expectations for Thor?

The Jude and Bobby poll

As for the NYILY results, most of you have at least some interest in seeing the film. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people are going to have to wait for DVD. Results are after the jump…

NYILY opens this Friday, will you be going to see it?

I would if I could – 38.33% (46 votes)

Maybe not this weekend but I will see it in theaters – 23.33% (28 votes)

No, I’ll wait for DVD – 16.67% (20 votes)

Definitely – 12.5% (15 votes)

No, I have no interest at all. – 6.67% (8 votes)