Last time I mentioned how donations had totally tailed off, but thankfully a few guys stepped up to the plate to at least ensure we can keep doing the comics for awhile yet.

I think all three guys have donated in the past, which is really heartening. A sincere thank you to Chris (who doesn’t even ask to be in the draw for the fan comic), Steven and Bryan.

The new comic will hopefully be ready within days and then we’ll get to that next fan comic draw. If you want to have the chance at your own np.comic or if you just want to help us keep doing what we do, please use the button below to drop us a few bucks.

Another way to help out the site is to use one of our Amazon links, like the one below for the great UP. Simply click that and then you can navigate to any other Amazon product and it will still count as a referral for us.

Thanks so much to everyone who goes out of their way to give a little back.