Brothers Going For Gold

Garcy found a really encouraging article over at The Wrap, in which it states that Lionsgate is now fully getting behind an Oscar campaign for the film and Tobey Maguire.

Others at the Sunday screening say that the film was followed by a standing ovation, a rarity for the DGA, and an enthusiastically-received 45-minute Q&A session in which a common theme was questioners wondering why the film didn’t have a higher profile in the awards race.

Between the raves from the DGA (as a group, a fairly accurate Oscar precursor) and positive comments from a few critics who’d seen the film, Sheridan’s camp reportedly decided a full campaign was in order. Lionsgate was in the thick of its campaign for Oscar frontrunner “Precious,” and was said to be surprised that the “Brothers” filmmakers suddenly wanted to shift into Oscar mode as well – but the company quickly agreed to do so.

Seems that there will be a lot of screenings next week, so hopefully we’ll start to get some good reviews.