Bailee Madison

A couple news items today that involve the pint sized child of the corn that is Natalie’s Brothers co-star, Bailee Madison. Okay okay, definitely a bit harsh. She just seemed soooo un-childlike in that interview last month.

First off, this 10 out of 10 review of the film mentions that Natalie called Bailee “a little genius” at the screening – presumably last weekends DGA screening.

Then Bailee returns the favour in this new interview.

“You know, Natalie [Portman] was such a sweetheart. Natalie and Tobey [Maguire] and Jake [Gyllenhaal] – Jake was so nice. And I got to work with this little girl named Taylor Geare. I had to play her big sister so I was kind of like her big sister and she was like my little sister so I would look after her and stuff. I think I got really close, everyone got really close by the end of the film.