We’ve got a varied batch of mini news items today so without further adieu…

– Let’s start with the hopeful news that, according to the head of the festival, another film might be added to the Cannes Film Festival line up if it is ready in time. #prayforknightofcups

– On the pessimistic side, Isabel Lucas has confirmed that she is in Knight Of Cups (no, that’s not the bad news) and seems to think that the film will only be released in 2015. Of course even if the release is next year, that doesn’t mean that won’t hit a festival or two before the year ends.

– Finally, I get a lot of messages from fans looking to get hold of a signed photo of Natalie. Will there is one up on Ebay now. Don’t really like the image, nor do I get the desire to own autographs, but if you’re interested…go for it.

Thanks to A and Yabba.