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We’ve got a varied batch of mini news items today so without further adieu…

– Let’s start with the hopeful news that, according to the head of the festival, another film might be added to the Cannes Film Festival line up if it is ready in time. #prayforknightofcups

– On the pessimistic side, Isabel Lucas has confirmed that she is in Knight Of Cups (no, that’s not the bad news) and seems to think that the film will only be released in 2015. Of course even if the release is next year, that doesn’t mean that won’t hit a festival or two before the year ends.

– Finally, I get a lot of messages from fans looking to get hold of a signed photo of Natalie. Will there is one up on Ebay now. Don’t really like the image, nor do I get the desire to own autographs, but if you’re interested…go for it.

Thanks to A and Yabba.


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  • AMSSERME says:

    Dazza-There is another tidbits.Variety.com is informing that Jane Got A Gun has been slated for February 20 2015 US release.

  • AMSSERME says:

    That means Jane Got A Gun will not be a contender for the award season neither will it be at the films festivals at Venice or Toronto.Too Bad! Also we won’t see any Natalie movies this year but in 2015.The wait will be unbearable.:(

  • Nina says:

    With that release date it seems they’re just setting Jane up for failure. August doesn’t seem so bad now.

  • omgzrachel says:

    Ugh, I’m mad.

  • AMSSERME says:

    Perhaps They don’t feel confident the film may deliver,so yes Nina they may be setting Jane to fail at the Box Office.February is not a good month to release a possible Season Awards contender.They lack faith in Jane.

  • Nina says:

    It’s a shame because it doesn’t seem like a complete failure based on that review that was posted. I find it kinda sad that the writer is so bitter about the production because his story got changed. Isn’t it normal to have some re-drafts. I guess we don’t really know what happened. I feel bad for Natalie. It could probably do better if it was given a better release date. Now people just expect it to be rubbish.

  • Adonis says:

    Everyone knows very well what movie the really big hit for Natalie would be, and the question for me is always the same … from what the movie companies are afraid? Only the announcement of “Mathilda” with Natalie would be all for a big blockbuster … it’s really a mystery that nothing happens?

    Good thing that ‘Jane Got A Gun’ comes, really good for Natalie ..

  • I blame Lynne Ramsay for all of this.

  • jesslv74 says:

    I’m confused as to what the release date has to do with the movie being an award contender.

    • omgzrachel says:

      I’m still confused by all of the disappointment with regards to JGaG no longer being an awards contender (wut), when everything else has suggested that it’s average at best, and that’s ignoring the genre, bad press, etc. already working against it. I’d be surprised if it’s successful, period.

  • Nina says:

    I don’t think anyone thought it was a real awards contender. Maybe for Natalie. They could of handled the release date better. February is where movies go to die. It doesn’t bode well for people’s perception for the movie which is already pretty damaged and low.

  • Lee Bartholomew says:

    don’t mind the image but autographs are so vain. Much rather go with the memory of either shaking or kissing Natalies hand 😛 Autographs are all about money. Did this with a book years ago. Had the author sign my well worn used book I’d actually read. 😛