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Jane Moves To 2015

Well damn. News broke this morning but I was unable to update until now – Jane Got A Gun is moving to February 20th, 2015. The troubled western was set for release in August but now finds itself in the dumping grounds of February. The negative side is easier to sum up. We now may not see a new Natalie film this year. 10 months is a damn long wait. It’s clearly not considered an awards contender. If any production needed things to go smoothly it was this one. The writer is laughing about it on Twitter.

So let’s try and be Mr Positive and see where that gets us…

We may still see Natalie films this year – The Malick films are possibilities and TOLAD is unlikely but must have an outside shot. Also, Jane still has a 2014 release date (as far as we know) in France and who knows, maybe it will debut in TIFF or another end of year festival.

If all fails, hell, at least 2015 will be loaded amirite?

The film was likely never going to be an awards contender but that nor the release date necessarily makes it a bad film. If the producers feel it will earn more in February, then they’ve surely made the right decision…for themselves. For fans who have to wait it’s rough but a financially successful Natalie film is always preferable.

The writer Duffield being less than thrilled about the production, well it’s to be expected. I feel bad for him that the production went off the rails but O’Connor came on board and obviously wanted changes to make it a Gavin O’Connor film, not a Lynne Ramsay one. No writer is going to be thrilled about that.

Not sure I did enough to calm anyone down…or myself for that matter, but I tried 😛