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Well damn. News broke this morning but I was unable to update until now – Jane Got A Gun is moving to February 20th, 2015. The troubled western was set for release in August but now finds itself in the dumping grounds of February. The negative side is easier to sum up. We now may not see a new Natalie film this year. 10 months is a damn long wait. It’s clearly not considered an awards contender. If any production needed things to go smoothly it was this one. The writer is laughing about it on Twitter.

So let’s try and be Mr Positive and see where that gets us…

We may still see Natalie films this year – The Malick films are possibilities and TOLAD is unlikely but must have an outside shot. Also, Jane still has a 2014 release date (as far as we know) in France and who knows, maybe it will debut in TIFF or another end of year festival.

If all fails, hell, at least 2015 will be loaded amirite?

The film was likely never going to be an awards contender but that nor the release date necessarily makes it a bad film. If the producers feel it will earn more in February, then they’ve surely made the right decision…for themselves. For fans who have to wait it’s rough but a financially successful Natalie film is always preferable.

The writer Duffield being less than thrilled about the production, well it’s to be expected. I feel bad for him that the production went off the rails but O’Connor came on board and obviously wanted changes to make it a Gavin O’Connor film, not a Lynne Ramsay one. No writer is going to be thrilled about that.

Not sure I did enough to calm anyone down…or myself for that matter, but I tried 😛


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  • We’re definitely not getting a Natalie film this year. However, you’re right – next year will be jampacked.
    – Jane Got a Gun
    – Knights of Cups
    – A Tale of Love and Darkness

    Looking forward to all of that! I think Malick’s untitled project will be a 2016 release. There is no way he’s going to release two films in one year.

    Also, any news if she’s set to cameo in the new Avengers film?

  • AMSSERME says:

    Maybe Jane Got A Gun was not a contender for season awards but Natalie was considered as possible nominee as Best Actress for JGAG by The Playlist.I think you reported this a month or two ago.I am dissapointed that the producers removed Natalie’s film in order to put a Pierce Brosnan Spy film in it’s place.They think a spy film is more profitable than a western.Maybe they are right but releasing JGAG on February they are setting the film to fail at the Box Office since most action and epic movies seems to earn less or bomb in February.( If The Legend Of Hercules and Pompeii serves as an example)

  • Nina says:

    Lets hope she’s not cut from Knight of Cups and gives a decent performance. I wonder how big it would be. There seems to be a lot of people in the cast.

  • AMSSERME says:

    Well, we may rant,scream,be mad but in the end we will all have to wait until next year,so yes,let’s be positive.Next Year we will see JGAG,Knights Of Cups-that is if Malick doesn’t cut Natalie at the editing room and A Tale of Love And Darkness?,well I think I will have to wait until it release on Blu-Ray or DVD.I don’t think this film will have a wide Theater release.

  • Belerofonte says:

    It’s a real shame what is happening with this film. If my expectations were already low, now are virtually nonexistent.

    As a real chance of premieres this year, TOLAD could be ready before the end of the year perfectly, but its natural release should be at a festival like Berlin or Cannes, next season. Knight of Cups is the movie most likely. Hopefully see it in Venice, but still, I do not think we would see commercially released before November or December …

    Hopefully we see Natalie linked to some interesting project this year, otherwise the wait will be very very long 🙁

  • it’s a pity. We are going to have to wait for a long time to see Natalie in a new movie…

  • Adonis says:

    This year I think is the fate year for Natalie’s probably the best movie they can ever make … I am of course talking about the great sequel of the legendary film Leon. Really, I strongly believe that “Mathilda” is not only an absolute blockbuster, he will give Natalie everything, “Everything” …

    Yes fan, it’s a bit sad so many months without Natalie films, but I remain optimistic, Natalie wants this film too and this is crucial …. maybe the dream of many Natalie fans will true, we hope so ..

  • Adonis, she’s is coming soon in France. Maybe it’s will be an opportunity to french movies with Natalie or a great sequel of Leon. We hope that Mister Besson can hear us 😉

  • awiseone says:

    I”m only disappointed that the wait was extended for five months, I could care less about awards it will be great to see her acting again.

  • Adonis says:

    Exactly fan, we hope that France will be the place where Natalie will make her very big movie …

    I always count on Luc Besson.

  • Mel_M says:

    Frustrated? Tell me about it! I’m also a fan of Dakota Fanning. She’s got 5 films in the can but not released, 1 in post production, and is now filming yet another. I’ve been impatiently waiting for “Effie” (Emma Thompson screenplay) since it was filmed in the fall of 2011. It’s doubly maddening because I’ve read the Effie bio and know that it should be a good story. The film got tangled in some legal stuff, but I think I’ll get to see it this year.

    As for Natalie, I’m surviving on Black Swan and Goya’s Ghosts.