an interview with Antonio Banderas

has him mentioning that the production has sent him publicity materials for his approval. He also talks a lot about Malick’s unique process, a portion of which I’ll include below.

“He said, ‘Well, there is no script. We are just working as we go. I am creating the movie as I go. I have a central character and I have certain ideas, and I put him in different situations of life. The guy just tries to be a sponge and suck up everything he sees because he’s an artist. So, I’m shooting a lot of things, and I don’t know what I’m gonna edit because I have a movie where, if I put together the whole entire thing, it might be as long as a week. But, I invite you to play. Feel free. You have this monologue. You can start the monologue in the middle, if you want. I’m going to shoot it in different locations, in this party that we have over here. We’re gonna shoot it in the pool, in the hall, in this dancing scene, in the garden. So, you just relax and enjoy acting. If you even have any idea, please just throw it out.’”

– I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile but I wanted to watch the whole thing before chiming in. It’s a documentary about the production of The Phantom Menace and having only watched the first 10 minutes I can’t say too much but there’s quite a bit of Natalie doing casting early on, the Jake Lloyd scenes are pretty tragic, and you get to hear Lucas telling Spielberg that the Gungan battle at the end of the film is going to be “literally War And Peace”. Perhaps the commentators below will point out the time stamps for the best Natalie moments.

– Finally, the mini pic battle ends tomorrow. If you haven’t voted yet…hurry up!

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