Just a couple small updates tonight…

– If you follow us on Twitter you would have seen a tweet this morning confirming that Knight Of Cups was not finished in time for Cannes, thus no Natalie films will be showing…barring a late surprise. I don’t know what saddens me more, that we won’t get to see another red carpet appearance for Natalie or that we’re probably still months away from hearing reviews of a new Natalie film. Le sigh.

– And Soraya was kind enough to send in a translation for the blogger who spotted Natalie at Palais Garnier a couple weekends ago.

Of course she was accompanied by her husband, Benjamin Millepied, future director of the Opera Dance, and even though we saw each other, she didn’t recognize me….but I recognized her. As they arrived late, the audience practically didn’t see them. At the intermission, they disappeared…I saw them again in the hall. She seemed very shy in her dress with puffed sleeves, the sort of dress a little girl would wear to see a dance recital at school.