Danny On Your HIghness

Collider has an interview with Danny McBride, star and writer of Natalie’s first out and out comedy, Your Highness. They summarize the main points, so if you’re lazy here are just the important Your Highness info.

– The movie is a lot bigger than you’re expecting
– They will be at Comic-Con next year.
– Doesn’t know when the trailer will be released
– According to McBride, the buzz that it’s a medieval stoner comedy is “not really accurate.”
– When talking about the movie, Danny says, “Pineapple Express” becomes an 80’s action film without making fun of 80’s action films. It just kind of becomes one by the end and that’s really what we wanted for “Your Highness”. We didn’t really want to make fun of 80’s fantasy films. We just wanted to make an 80’s fantasy film.
– When I asked about Natalie Portman saying crazy stuff in the film, McBride said, “Yeah, so most definitely does. There was a lot of times where she would be saying things to me and it was harder to keep a straight face than with any of the comedians I’ve worked with because it was just so surreal to see Natalie Portman asking me if my pussy hurts, you know? Just disgusting, really.”

I cannot wait to see that first trailer.