Gotham Awards Extra

Business Day have a red carpet video from last nights Gotham Awards appearance. The interviewer asks Natalie about the differences between tributes and life time achievements, independent and studio films, and veganism and vegetarianism.

Since we’re on the subject, Indiewire’s coverage of the awards last night was written by someone who clearly isn’t a very big fan of Natalie.

9:17pm EST: “I feel far too young, but look far too old to win this award,” Tucci ends off. That’s how it’s done, Portman.

9:00pm EST: Richard LaGravenese joins Brooke Shields of all people to present best ensemble performance. She gets cut off in the press room as Ms. Portman is now gracing me with her presence. Someone asks her about Oscar buzz for “Brothers.” She seems annoyed.. “Well, we’re promoting the film,” she says when someone asks her if she’s campaigning for awards season before heading back out in time for me to hear Brooke announce the nominees.

8:58pm EST: “Everyone in this room… I feel lucky to be your peers and in this great city,” Portman said in a short and generally underwhelming speech. “I feel lucky to create among all of you.”

8:54pm EST: Natalie Portman tribute time. “What can i say, I adore Natalie Portman and so does everyone who has ever worked with her,” said Jim Sheridan as he awkwardly introduced Portman. First off, though, we get a clip show gives us expectedly big doses of “The Professional,” “Closer,” “Garden State,” and “Beautiful Girls.” “Star Wars” is thankfully missing in action.