Portman The Pot Smoker

By December 2, 2009Nat-news

Really quick cos I’m currently drowning in other work.

“OK, so I didn’t really go to high school parties,” she tells the magazine. “I didn’t touch pot ’til I was in my 20s. I didn’t get flat-out drunk until I went to college [Harvard]. But I think that’s a good thing in many ways.”



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  • hittheheart says:

    she does not need to say this stuff. it isn’t making her any cooler. it gives the haters ammo.

  • dazza says:

    The aim might not be to seem cooler. It may just be honesty. And I struggle to see whats wrong with that, regardless of whether someone gets upset by it.

  • fanatical610 says:

    The quote is from the latest marieclaire. There are some gorgeous photos and a really lovely quote about Rashida Jones

  • MrDelicious says:

    So she’s completely normal in that regard. Phew.

  • maverick88 says:

    Nothing wrong with her being honest about it and I would rather hear it from her directly and not from The Enquirer or something like that. I don’t agree with her trying pot and getting toasted but there’s nothing anybody really can do about it anyways so it’s not worth getting upset over but hopefully it’s not too much of a vice for her. The only “good thing” I can possibly see is that she waited until she was what, around 18. I would be more concerned if she was drinking and driving. Marie Claire huh? Great, another womens’ magazine I have to buy. lol.

  • rockla says:

    that’s pretty much how i imagined her. though i never thought that she would get “flat-out drunk”.
    she’s very similar to me in these ways, though i was a little younger…

  • omgzrachel says:

    I’m with MrDelicious. She sounds like most people I know. I’m not seeing a scandal here.