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By December 7, 2009Nat-news

Several months ago we posted about a project called Friends With Benefits (First update and second update), which was a former Black List script (Hollywood’s best un-filmed screenplays).

Natalie was rumoured to be starring with Ivan Reitman directing. Ivan is these days best known for being the dad of shit-hot director, Jason Reitman (Juno). But back in the day he made some classic films like Ghostbusters and Stripes.

Well, according to this article about Ivan, things are definitely moving ahead with him directing and Natalie starring. The male lead? Ashton Kutcher.

If you’re like me and close to freaking out at this point, I’ve been told that deals have definitely not been done yet.

But assuming this does pan out, consider me the eternal optimist completely in the “meh” camp until I hear or see something that changes my mind.

I simply cannot handle Kutcher – one of my least favourite actors on the face of the earth. Combine that with Ivan Reitman only making 3 films in the last dozen years – the train wrecks Evolution, Six Days And Seven Nights and My Super Ex Girlfriend – and I’m working my way into the foetal position.

The one saving grace might be the script, an early draft of which is reviewed here (even though its probably a very early draft it should be considered very SPOILERIFIC). The main reviewer isn’t too enthused by it but his colleague was quite impressed.


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  • Lodovico Settembrini says:

    So what’s the deal now? Are these casting details true or not? Because I would be disappointed…

  • dazza says:

    I would guess that talks are ongoing but nothing is in place yet.

  • Lodovico Settembrini says:

    I’ve just read some parts from that draft, and that’s really, really awkward and uninteresting. The screenwriter doesn’t have a fascinating and sophisticated sense of humor. She thinks she’s smart because she can put together a narrow storyline filled with sex scenes, sex jokes and dialogues that are filled with especially dirty words – but without enjoyable humor. Her characters are poorly motivated, and are entirely unable to change and improve. The dialogues are just simply nasty, sometimes really disgusting. It’s all about “your cock smells like…” and “your boobs are nice like…” etc. etc. Although N. made smart choices lately, this could be a big suck for her, especially with Kutcher and Reitman. To me, Friend with Benefits seems like another brainless, dumb and a “We are just dirty ’cause it’s fucking cool” type romantic comedy.

  • spoonbat says:

    Kinda funny when the update first came out I had strong reservations on this project and I got blasted……hahahahaha….funny how you guys are coming around.

    IDK what to think at this point. It’s obviously too early to tell.

    Nat + sex comedy is either gold or shit depending on who’s helming it.

    I don’t get the Ashton hate. Not much in terms of acting but he seems one of the few people in his age rate, in my opinion at least, who has creative originality.

    At least when it comes to producing. The guy created several highly profitable shows.

    His acting career has gone nowhere but hey, he scored Demi Moore.

    But after reading the review and lodo’s take on the dialogue, sounds like a new version of “The Sweetest Thing” where some chick writes a faux-feminist version of 40 Year Old Virgin.

    You know, where a jealous film school grad graduates and says ‘why do the boys get all the fun?’ Or ‘I can do that, I’ll just copy their formula and replace the dudes with chicks.’

    I agree, from what I’ve read at least, no originality — just formula with a stylistic gimmack — i.e. – a female protagonist with a dirty mouth.

    But keep your hopes up and don’t judge, you never know, it could turn into gold.

  • omgzrachel says:

    Ashton Kutcher is a deal breaker. This does not sound good at all.

  • amo says:

    well, i’m not going to read anything spoilerific, but assuming it’s a love story he does seem a *particularly* rubbish choice. He’s so lame – the only thing he could possibly be good for (over and above the respect i have for him as a member of the human race, ahem) is sex. and even if he were your fb, you’d want him to keep his mouth shut. But to actually engage with his personality, or god forbid fall in love with him? That would be so tragic.