Friends With Benefits Update

Several months ago we posted about a project called Friends With Benefits (First update and second update), which was a former Black List script (Hollywood’s best un-filmed screenplays).

Natalie was rumoured to be starring with Ivan Reitman directing. Ivan is these days best known for being the dad of shit-hot director, Jason Reitman (Juno). But back in the day he made some classic films like Ghostbusters and Stripes.

Well, according to this article about Ivan, things are definitely moving ahead with him directing and Natalie starring. The male lead? Ashton Kutcher.

If you’re like me and close to freaking out at this point, I’ve been told that deals have definitely not been done yet.

But assuming this does pan out, consider me the eternal optimist completely in the “meh” camp until I hear or see something that changes my mind.

I simply cannot handle Kutcher – one of my least favourite actors on the face of the earth. Combine that with Ivan Reitman only making 3 films in the last dozen years – the train wrecks Evolution, Six Days And Seven Nights and My Super Ex Girlfriend – and I’m working my way into the foetal position.

The one saving grace might be the script, an early draft of which is reviewed here (even though its probably a very early draft it should be considered very SPOILERIFIC). The main reviewer isn’t too enthused by it but his colleague was quite impressed.