Arts And Leisure Weekend

By December 15, 2009Nat-news

The New York Times is sponsoring the Arts and Leisure Weekend at The Times Center next month. What does this mean for you? It means that if you’re in the area and have $30 to spare you can attend a 75 minute talk by Natalie.

The Gotham 2009 Tribute Award winner talks about acting, writing and directing, and producing for three different films this season, including her critically acclaimed performance in Jim Sheridan’s “Brothers.”

If you would like to order tickets, head over here.


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  • rockla says:

    curses! why must i live on the opposite end of Northern America?
    i’m sure that if i did attend, i would probably just sit there and stare at her for the 75mins and not hear a thing 🙂 nah, i would listen too.

  • kafinsmif says:

    NNOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I JUST moved out of Manhattan in September after living there for 4 years and NOW she does something I could actually attend?? Damn.